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 241 reviews
door Nicoline van der Torre
Bedrijfsnaam: Groen Links

Ik heb heel veel geleerd tijdens deze training, juist door de veilige omgeving die Herman creëert en door ons het gewoon te laten doen!

door Rob Tromp
Bedrijfsnaam: Caru Containers

I really enjoyed the presentation training I received from Herman, very practical, pleasant and helpful. A very well spend few hours despite my busy schedules, with some unexpected learnings.

door Mackinley Byrd
Bedrijfsnaam: Group Class New York

This class was extremely helpful in helping me overcome stuttering, overthinking and presenting a public speaking presentation with ease and comfort. Herman was great at working one on one with each of us, and in providing us the necessary feedback to excel. I would highly recommend this class for you!

door Makiyah Thompson
Bedrijfsnaam: Prive coaching New York

My experience with Herman was terrific. He was super welcoming and non- judgemental I felt like I've known him for years. Initially, I discussed my fears and doubts, but at the end of my private 2-hour session, I gained and learned so many techniques and life lessons. Ultimately, it was a pleasure working with him, and I look forward to what's to come! This was my first experience, but it will not be my last one either. If you are struggling or want to enhance your public speaking skills, go to Him, you will not regret it!

door G. Aidala
Bedrijfsnaam: Open Apply Class New York

Excellent and very useful class! Very interactive in order to practice and internalize what you learn, with personal feedback and tips. Herman very enthusiastic and eager to help. Highly recommended!

door Robert Singer
Bedrijfsnaam: Online Coaching

Hi All - I recently completed a private public speaking training session with Herman over Zoom...I had some doubts going in about how effective it could be...but in the end I was very happy. Herman is excellent, he makes you go from not wanting to speak in public to actually being excited to go out and do it. My plan is to do a group session in person with him next. Highly recommend.

door Ross Baron
Bedrijfsnaam: Group Class New York

Herman is a wonderful coach. He makes the environment very safe, and judgment free. His exercises are easy to practice, immediately effective, and allow you to always get better. The classes are small to give everyone ample time to work on an array of different skills for all different kinds of situations. He tries to form a connection with every single student, and you leave feeling not just improved in your public speaking, but supported on your journey. I've taken this class multiple times because it's so good, and always learn something new each time.

door Taylor Gaertner
Bedrijfsnaam: Group Class New York

I had no idea a 1 day class could be so effective! I went into the day completely terrified and overcome with anxiety, and left feeling on top of the world. Herman created an environment in which trust was built very quickly, allowing us to have fun and loosen up. Rather than suppressing our fears, we were able to address them head on in a judge free zone. All classmates were incredibly encouraging and supportive, thanks to the positive space Herman created.I was able to see a noticeable improvement in my public speaking confidence level through just one class, which I have carried into my work week. When I found out that a level 2 class had been developed, I signed up right away! I would recommend this class to the most anxious public speaker, in addition to the confident public speaker seeking improvement.

door Naomi Schenk
Bedrijfsnaam: N. Interiors

So glad I came across Herman Otten's public speaking classes. For me it was a game-changing experience! Learned a lot, and most of all: having a lot of fun. Not only in class but also eventually in the spotlight (which i was dreading before). Highly recommend Herman for speakers of all levels.

door John Iteshi
Bedrijfsnaam: UVA (universiteit van Amsterdam)

Herman is the best. He doesn't just teach, he ensures that you learn and I mean learn something really valuable. I will recommend him any day!

door Dana Zonneveld
Bedrijfsnaam: De Sociale Maatschap

(deze persoon heeft alleen een ster-review gegeven)

door Becky Kaplan
Bedrijfsnaam: Open Apply Class New York

This class was fantastic! I was a little hesitant to go, not knowing anything about Herman or the class, but it exceeded every expectation! I feel so much more confident speaking in front of a group, and Herman offered really practical, helpful tips to help with my anxiety and become a more effective public speaker. Well worth the time and money!

door Ingeborg van den Broek
Bedrijfsnaam: Opleidingsdeskundige Koninklijke Marine

Herman heeft me in korte tijd ontzettend goed geholpen. Dankzij zijn kennis en ervaring geeft hij je feedback die direct toepasbaar is. Hij stelt je op je gemak. Als resultaat voelde het nooit ongemakkelijk tijdens het oefenen. Dankzij zijn hulp was ik in staat een goede videopresentatie te maken.

door Darren Frei
Bedrijfsnaam: Open Apply Class New York

I enjoyed practicing the public speaking tips that Herman shared during our class. Fun and supportive environment. I learned a lot!

door Alberto Gonzalez
Bedrijfsnaam: SmartStream Technologies

Had my first Zoom meeting today and I can't say enough fantastic things about my experience. It was very insightful and extremely helpful. Looking to book more meetings in the future for sure.

door Jasmijn de Groot
Bedrijfsnaam: UVA (universiteit van Amsterdam)

Herman is a great tutor and makes you feel very comfortable. I enjoyed the training a lot.

door Shohruh
Bedrijfsnaam: Online public speaking coaching

Amazing Experience! In a short period of time I was able improve my public speaking simply by using one of his methods.

door Jessie Verdijk
Bedrijfsnaam: UVA (Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Had a super fun and educational day. Herman ensures that through his personal attention, everyone will go home with an individual tip and self-confident feeling in terms of public speaking.

door Maria Cooper, NYPD Officer
Bedrijfsnaam: New York Police Department (NYPD)

I wasn’t sure if taking a public speaking one on one session would be helpful but after my lesson with Herman my approach on speaking in public has changed. He will give you the skills to change your negative mindset into positive ones. He is easy to understand and work with. The lesson was a confidence builder and turned out to be a lot of fun. I recommend working with Herman you will notice your improvement instantly.

door Maryam Ehsanjou
Bedrijfsnaam: Online public speaking coaching

One of the best public speaking coaching I had in my life. I took an online coaching on Zoom and it was amazing. Herman made me aware of all my working points in such a gentle way. Yesterday I gave an online presentation to my colleagues and it went better than ever before. Thank you so much and I hope to join one of your group classes soon!

door Lisa
Bedrijfsnaam: Online Public Speaking Coaching

Fabulous! I was really looking forward to our group session, but, due to the current situation, was unable to attend. Herman was very flexible, and offered me a virtual 1-1 coaching session instead. He listened patiently to the areas I wanted to work on, gave very helpful tips, and even provided further suggestions based upon our simulations. Highly recommended -- when this is all over I'd love to attend a group session in person.

door Gabriela Gómez
Bedrijfsnaam: Online Public Speaking Coaching

(deze persoon heeft alleen een ster-review achtergelaten)

door Lim De Sheng
Bedrijfsnaam: Online Public Speaking Coaching

Herman has a rare ability to make public speaking a fun and enjoyable activity.

door De Sociale Maatschap
Bedrijfsnaam: Online Public Speaking Coaching

I really enjoyed Herman's coaching through Zoom! I learned a lot and I definitely would recommend this one on one coaching.

door Cornelia Oskam
Bedrijfsnaam: Online Public Speaking Coaching

We did an online training with Herman. I really enjoyed the training and I learned a lot!

door Ayesha Ahmed
Bedrijfsnaam: Online Public Speaking Coaching

The best professional coaching experience I’ve had in years! Herman is very knowledgeable & gave very meaningful feedback to improve my presentation skills. The exercises were very relatable & easily translatable to my professional presentations. Overall very positive experience & hope to continue learning through future courses.

door Manon
Bedrijfsnaam: De Sociale Maatschap

I enjoyed the training through Zoom very much! Herman is a great one on one coach. I would definitely recognize him.

door Wim den Herder
Bedrijfsnaam: Online Public Speaking Coaching

What a great experience! I just got a private online coaching in public speaking. I learned how to speak in front of a camera and how to present myself online, which is really helpful for me because the upcoming weeks all my meetings will happen online. A great session which I would definitely take again.

door Caitlyn Cherepakhov
Bedrijfsnaam: Open Apply Class NYC

This was great! Herman created a very welcoming and open environment, gave great feedback throughout the day, and very clearly explained tactics and strategies to improve public speaking in general and in common professional scenarios. Would recommend the class to anyone!

door Lynna Mercado
Bedrijfsnaam: Presentatietraining New York

The training was very direct and valuable.Mr. Herman Otten is an effective trainer.

door Michael Diesu
Bedrijfsnaam: Presentatietraining New York

Herman is a master of public speaking. I would absolutely recommend this course. He fostered a welcoming and safe environment for all members of the class to work on their specific areas of improvement while also assisting each other.

door Jennifer Vichinsky
Bedrijfsnaam: Rejewelvenated Designs

This class was great! I love that it was a small group so that everyone has chance. Herman is a great instructor, he made everything simple, easy, comfortable, and fun! I highly recommend this class!

door Justin Hill
Bedrijfsnaam: Presentatietraining New York

Herman is a consummate professional who led an interactive and results oriented public speaking course. I plan on incorporating all of his teachings in my upcoming speaking engagements.

door Jesse Langel
Bedrijfsnaam: Presentatietraining New York

I enjoyed Herman's class a lot. This class is distinguishable from others because Herman's teaching style is warm and effective. The class size is small so we get plenty of time to practice on important speaking elements.

I learned important tactics such as PAUSES, using shorter sentences, and being more fluid with head and eye movement. The importance of visualizing what we're saying versus of thinking of ourselves delivering was an important realization. I'd highly recommend this class. It was the best day of my week by far.

door Gabriella Perez
Bedrijfsnaam: UVA (universiteit van Amsterdam)

(deze persoon heeft alleen een ster-review achtergelaten)

door Renata Simoes
Bedrijfsnaam: Getty Images

I've taken other classes before, but this one is so unique and so worth it! It will add to whatever Public speaking experience you already have (or don't have). Dynamic, fun, and full of useful tips and info.

door Swati Sawant
Bedrijfsnaam: Open Apply Class New York

Well design course. Passionate teacher. Every student gets individual attention. Feels inclusive in the class. You learn many things at the end of the day. Everyone must take this class.

door Max Zanan
Bedrijfsnaam: Presentatietraining New York

Great experience! If you are serious about public speaking this is a must.

door Yash Jain
Bedrijfsnaam: Open Apply Class NYC

Excellent course. Herman helped me improve my public speaking skills by pointing me to my weaknesses and how to fix it. Public speaking is very critical for job interviews, entering conference rooms, meetings, etc. Highly recommended!

door Bart De Mooij
Bedrijfsnaam: Video Concept

Amazing public speaking course. I learned so much during just one day. Absolutely the best class you'll find in New York. Thanks for the amazing lunch during the break!

door Nino Esakia
Bedrijfsnaam: Open Apply Class New York

Herman is the best public speaking coach ever! His class is so interesting and informative! We had fun! After the class I had presentations which was a blast. I m so thankful I found out this class!

door Dave Rooney
Bedrijfsnaam: Presentatietraining New York

The training was a great experience. It was well worth the time and effort. Herman gave us very clear and simple instruction to overcome our fears of public speaking, I would recommend this class to anyone!

door Roger Aviles
Bedrijfsnaam: Open Apply Class New York

Herman was enthusiastic and engaging the whole time there. I truly enjoyed the class and met some wonderful folks along the way. It was a very enlightening class and I definitely took a lot away from it.

door Kenton Langstroth
Bedrijfsnaam: Open Apply Class New York

Intensive and rewarding - highly recommended!

door Oliver Nash
Bedrijfsnaam: Open Apply Class New York

Herman is a very talented and engaging speaking coach. He has a huge amount of experience and I would recommend his course to anyone.

door Joey Goldfarb
Bedrijfsnaam: Open Apply Class New York

Herman is amazing! I learned so much and his class is worth every penny. An experience I recommend to all, even if it's not just for public speaking. These are tips that you can always use in your everyday life.

door Ottilie Laan
Bedrijfsnaam: De Bouw Advocaat

Herman really helped me to feel less self conscious and to focus on the presentation, which made public speaking enjoyable.

Bedrijfsnaam: Prive Coaching

I am thrilled to write this recommendation for Herman's training in public speaking. I decided to take the course because of my desire to overcome my fears surrounding speaking to large groups publicly. It was money well spent. I walked away with tools that I know I will be able to apply with ease during my next presentation. Herman was so easy going and encouraging, every time he instructed me to stand and present I was excited to do so. The training provided me the confidence I needed to keep striving to get better.

door Max Koenig
Bedrijfsnaam: Presentatietraining New York

I took the class with Herman recently. It was great. Herman creates an environment that allows you to learn what you are doing wrong and how to correct it. It was fun, a little challenging but most importantly very beneficial. If you want to be a better public speaker, this is the class to take.

door Marleen van de Beek
Bedrijfsnaam: Alzheimer Centrum Amsterdam

Met een aantal collega's heb ik een presentatie cursus gevolgd bij Herman. In een dag tijd heb ik zoveel geleerd! We kregen veel praktische en persoonlijke tips en aanwijzingen. Een echte aanrader.

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